Tiles Plus Bunbury Showroom brings you the greatest selection of premium tile products from all over the world.

  • Tiles Plus is a member of the Tile Boutique buying group enabling us to give you great prices every time.
  • Buying from the most advanced manufacturers around the world providing you with best quality tiles.
  • The Tile Boutique tile range of tiles are always the latest in design trends and up to date technologies.
  • Our tile ranges are vast and varied allowing us to offer you the perfect tile selections for any project.
  • We are proud to display and use the extensive range of Tile Boutique tiles in our showroom.
  • Visit the Tile Boutique national website

Tile Boutique is a network of 35 independent licensed dealers across Australia, working together to bring you the greatest selection of premium tile products from all over the world.  With decades of combined experience we have the skill and expertise to help you with all your Tile needs; and each showroom is locally owned so you know the person who owns the store, runs the store.

Latest in Design

At Tile Boutique we work with the world’s most advanced Tile manufacturers to bring you the latest designs and most up to date technologies. That means we’re at the forefront of tile design and technology, with staff that are trained on the latest manufacturing techniques and tile trends from around the world.

Buying Power

Our national buying group buys in bulk, meaning you get better value for your money. Our Directors travel together around the world, to source the very best tiles, committing to large quantities to share across our network of showrooms. This ensures our customers receive the very best price.

Qualified Staff

At Tile Boutique we pride ourselves on our years of experience, and our intimate knowledge of our local areas. Tile Boutique staff are well trained and have the skill and knowledge you would expect from an expert in their field. When dealing with a Tile Boutique store owner you can rest assured that you’re dealing with someone who has built their business on respect, trust and integrity.

We strive to create an enjoyable shopping environment for all at any one of our Tile Boutique showrooms. Our experienced team of dedicated and customer focussed consultants will use their creativity and product knowledge to achieve the look you desire for your new home, renovation or commercial investment.

Our Vision & Philosophy

Our vision is to have Tile Boutique recognized as the national market leader in the retail tile industry. By consistently sourcing premium products from around the globe, incorporating the latest designs trends whilst providing first-class service to our clientele.

We are committed to developing a successful and rewarding relationship between customer and supplier by ensuring that the quality of our product and service is unparalleled in the market place.